Antitrust & Competition

Riki & Fernandes has handled some of the most high profile matters (including downstream oil and gas trading) in competition law space in Indonesia and has represented clients (informants and defendants).


The team  has  in-depth  understanding  of  Indonesian Regulations . The team members have often rendered opinions and advice on compliances under the competition laws and regulations to various companies.


The team has extensive experience in specialized sectors such as technology, telecommunications, media and broadcasting, transport, chemicals, energy, financial services, retail, consumer goods and life sciences. This enables them to understand the nuances of each sector; to effectively defend clients’ unique interests. The team advises on whole range of competition and anti-trust issues including:


  1. Cartels and anti-trust investigations
  2. Abuse of dominant position
  3. Merger control regulations
  4. Bidding and public procurement
  5. Commercial agreements   (such   as   distributor/   agency   agreements,   joint   venture agreements, cooperation agreements, licensing agreements etc.)
  6. Competition law compliance strategies, programs and audits

Competition litigation and trade disputes